Meet Your Crew

drums teacherShane has been playing drums and percussion all his life. Inspired by his father to play, music has been a passion of his since grade school. With a marching, jazz, latin, and classical background, he plays just about everything under the sun but is usually involved in a funk, jazz, latin, or rock project.

He is currently involved in two projects. He is playing drums for Brickwall Jackson (, and The World Percussion Experience (with Chris Thomas). Shane has been playing for over 34 years and pretends to have a clue. He’s the one insane enough to start this business.

Chris Thomas

Chris holds the fort down when Shane isn’t around…or even when he is around. Not only is Chris an instructor, be he also plays a critical role in managing Just Drums. He has 20 years of experience of Retail Management and is a valuable asset to Just Drums.

Michael Auman Sales, Floor Management

Michael Auman is a Richmond native born into a music loving family. He marched 2 years with The Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps and has been a scholastic educator & composer/arranger for 10 years with great success at the competitive level of indoor and outdoor marching percussion. He is also one of few accomplished gigging timpanists in Central Virginia.

Michael, a former Drum Department manager at one of the “box stores” who we won’t mention, and brings a tremendous amount of experience to the team. Aside from his retail management experience, Michael is an accomplished musician and educator. He currently teaches beginner drumming lessons to private students in the West End and teaches at Mills E. Godwin High School and Pocahontas Middle School as the percussion instructor.

Win Bradley

Winfred (“Win”) is responsible for web site development, maintenance, and managing our eBay store. Intelligent, charming, handsome – these are some of the words never used to describe Win. He’s banned from 17 States, and should be kept away from wives and Mexican food.

Dave Brown –¬†Inventory Manager, Shipping Manager

Dave recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Homeland Security. Dave is solely responsible for managing the tens of thousands of products we stock. This can be quite a challenge. Dave also is responsible for shipping out all web, phoem and eBay orders.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan’s responsibilities are cleaning up Shane’s mess and making sure everything runs smoothly. Ryan is a great asset to Just Drums. Ryan is usually off and away at Old Dominion University during the school year but comes back and helps out on his breaks. Ryan is an aspiring engineer and builds rockets and robots….seriously.