About Us

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Drummers are neglected.

Imagine your typical music retail store. Aside from a few display models, most drums sets stacked vertically and placed off in a corner. As a drummer, it is hard for you to go into a music retail store and try out the drum sets. You’re limited to just a few display models.

Even when you do manage to “try out” a drum set or cymbal, it’s usually brief because of all the “noise” you make. You don’t feel comfortable disrupting the conversations going on on the sales floor, on the phone, or you might even get dirty looks. You don’t feel comfortable actually trying out the instrument you could possibly spend thousands of dollars on.

We are different.

At Just Drums, drum sets are fully set up and ready to be tested. Many will be set up on small stages under colored lights and shown in all their glory. Dozens of drum sets, hundreds of cymbals, and countless items of percussion and accessories are all here for you to see, hear, and play. Just Drums is your dream drum shop. This is your store.

Unique Features

The Show Room

Presentation is everything. Our show room contains an impressive display of drum sets, drums, cymbals, hand percussion, and more. Many drum sets are shown under colored stage lights up on small stages. Drum sets are set up ready to be played and tested. It feels like a showcase of great drum sets rather than a warehouse full of stacked drums.

More Than Drums

Just Drums is more than just drums. We cater to percussionists of all type. From drumset players, to world percussionists, to marching percussionists, to classical percussionist – we have the gear for everyone. Not only do we have the gear, but we have the experienced staff members to answer any questions you might have. Try going to a big-box musical retail store and getting an answer on the difference between birch and rattan handled marimba mallets.

The Snare Trap

Once you’re in the Snare Trap, you can’t get out. Over a dozen top of the line snare drums are arranged so you can test and play each and every one from a single drum throne. Brass, steel, maple, bronze, acrylic…they’re all here.

24 Hour Email Response Time

We’re standing by to answer questions. Just Drums guarantees a 24 hour response time to all email inquires (except for Sunday). This might seem like a simple and expected service but we know from first hand experience that it’s common for retailers to have very slow responses to emails (several days, even weeks) if any response at all. Go ahead – ask us a question and watch how fast we respond.